Your Will:

Wills are an important tool to ensure your beneficiaries receive what you have granted them or in choosing responsible guardians to raise your children in the event of your death. As difficult as it seems to consider your own mortality, these arrangements must be made to protect your loved ones and secure the savings and properties you have built through your life. 

At Shenton Sakinofsky LLP, we will discuss these important steps with you to create a Will and assist in selecting a suitable executor who will represent your wishes.

Our professional advice and service will help to make this difficult process feel much better. You will be able to rest assured that your Will has been properly and carefully crafted to ensure the future benefit of your beneficiaries.

  • Standard Will: $249.99 (per Will)

  • Standard Will with Power of Attorney for Property & Personal Care*: $299.99 (per Will)

  • Mutual Standard Will (two spouses): $449.99

  • Mutual Standard Will with Power of Attorney for Property & Personal Care: $549.99

  • Personalized Wills: Starting at $349.99

  • Standard Will bequeaths all assets to surviving spouse and/or subsequently to all children equally. 

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